Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our core Values

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We embrace the diversity of our team and individual perspectives in working together to meet challenges, and achieve our common goals and objectives through mutual respect and open communication.

Our Employees

We create an environment where our staff can achieve their personal and career goals through competitive salaries and benefits and opportunities for promotion. We recognize that our staff is our greatest asset and we value the contribution of each member of our team.

Our Customers

We are dedicated to service and to always try to exceed customer expectations.  We remind our staff that their welcome, warmth, kindness, fun, generosity and hospitality make a difference to our customers’ experience.

Our Community

We are committed to preserving and protecting the environment and supporting businesses where we do business. We strive to highlight our local culture, history and geographical setting thereby emphasizing our unique environment and our dedication and loyalty to our community. We value our integrity and employ only the highest standard of conduct in all our actions, honouring both moral and ethical standards.

In Business

As creative leaders our vision for the future is ever evolving, we strive for continuous improvement and innovation. As pioneers and trendsetters, we embrace research and change. We recognise that customer loyalty is a key driver of our business; we therefore work tirelessly to foster and nurture our relationships and partnerships. It is our view that respect and trust are integral in all or our relationships and partnerships. We are committed to the financial success and financial independence of each property and of our company.

Our Environmental Responsibility

We recognize our environmental responsibilities and the impact of our practices, acts and omissions. We comply with local bylaws regarding the environment e.g. waste disposal of electrical appliances and monitoring noise levels to ensure compliance with the environmental conditions of licences. We are committed as far as reasonably practicable to ensure environmentally friendly practices to include the following:


We compost all our waste food through an efficient system that turns biodegradable waste into peat free environmentally friendly compost which in turn is then used in our gardens. All glass and cardboard is recycled.


All our properties almost exclusively use energy saving bulbs and we use timing and motion sensors in areas that are unoccupied for certain periods. Our external lighting and heating systems are timed to ensure minimal wastage of fuel. When updating equipment we ensure that replacements are the best option for the environment such as A rated equipment.  We encourage the use of public transport and our shuttle bus to minimise carbon emissions. We encourage walking and cycling where possible and support and sponsor various schemes such as the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle and Walk Into The Light.


We have an environmental purchasing policy and avoid excess packaging where best possible through bulk buying and using refillable vatts.  This also includes choosing local suppliers where possible and suppliers that have the same values in relation to the environment as we do. We comply with a strict policy in relation to chemicals and are eco friendly and biodegradable where possible, including non-hazardous chemicals for the user. We encourage the use of ezines, email and the internet among our customers and colleagues to minimise paper usage.


We educate our guests through engagement and our employees through training, awareness, monitoring, instruction and supervision. We are a green hospitality award member, a programme that recognises businesses that make an effort to take care of our environment.

Our Social Responsibility

For sixty years, The Gleneagle Group has been deeply rooted in the local community, by providing employment, but also by supporting charities and deserving causes - from sporting clubs to cultural groups, from social inclusion initiatives to charity concerts.

List of Beneficiaries in 2018:

  • Major Beneficiary
  • The Gleneagle Concert Band and School of Music
  • Other Beneficiaries
  • Killarney Cycling Club
  • Irish Pool Association
  • St John of God
  • St Joseph’s Home
  • St Johns Parish, Tralee
  • Friends of St Lukes
  • Hand in Hand
  • Kerry Association in Dublin
  • Anam Cara
  • Martin Family Trust
  • Down Syndrome Ireland
  • Injured Jockeys Fund
  • Blessed Sacrament Chapel
  • Killarney Scouts
  • Suicide Awareness
  • Active Retired Association
  • Glenflesk Parish
  • Oncology Unit Tralee
  • Big Issue
  • Muckross Defibrillator Fund
  • St Benedicts Priory
  • Hope Foundation
  • St Brigids
  • CUH Charity
  • Coolick N.S.
  • Oiche Chiarrai
  • Louise Lynch Fundraising
  • Ian O’Connell Trust
  • MDI