Our Vision & Values

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Our Vision & Values

At the Killarney Convention Centre 80% of our business is repeat. Our vision and our values are vital to that repeat success. For generations our family run enterprise has stood for values of excellence. 

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What we do, we do really, really well. We’re more than sixty years on the go – that’s a lot of experience. We’re diligent. When our clients want something, we deliver it. We’re responsive. Convention requirements are changing constantly and so are we. Everything at the Killarney Convention Centre is world class. We’re dependable. Nobody will care more about your convention than us. When we say we care, we will go to any length to make sure your event is a success. Your success is our happiness and our repeat business. When you book a convention or event with us there’s one other thing you get. Something money can’t buy, that can’t be bottled and taken away and that is unique in the world to us. That’s the Kerry way. We do hospitality better than anyone else in the world. And what’s even better. The friendliness comes to us naturally so you get it for free.