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What truly sets the Killarney Convention Centre apart is our ability to host incredible events incorporating our people, our location, our facilities and most importantly our culture. The following are some examples of where months of planning and logistics along with just the right amount of imagination culminated in an extraordinary event.


In 2009 over 2,500 Google delegates from around the world convened at the Killarney Convention Centre for their annual sale conference. Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s personal gulfstream jet was just one of six chartered aircraft to land in Kerry Airport for the two-day conference.

As well as attending a tight schedule of plenary sessions and workshops, delegates were treated to a fantastic programme of entertainment including a street party in Killarney town centre dubbed Gfest. This featured live music and food stalls as well as céilís, karaoke, trad music sessions and storytelling taking place in locations throughout the town. Delegates were free to roam the visitor friendly town at their ease visiting some of the 26 local pubs, as well as coffee shops and restaurants mingling with the locals who are famed the world over for their hospitality. The 2,500 delegates also attended a gala Banquet in the INEC on the second night, this was the largest banquet ever held in Killarney.

John Herlihy, the head of Google in Ireland, saluted the people of Killarney for the welcome extended by the town to the company. “The logistics of bringing 2,500 people together from all over Europe is not easy but everything worked very smoothly and we definitely showed that Ireland is among the best locations in Europe for international conferences."